Each year, the Center hosts and co-sponsors humanities-related events that enrich intellectual life at OSU and make humanities research accessible to a wider audience.

Intended to supplement other resources, a modest amount of funding is available to support events on campus and in the community. We fund programs that that provide interdisciplinary focus to issues of concern, develop and promote research excellence, and that offer unique opportunities to engage with work in the humanities.

These small grants are dependent on available funds, and program organizers affiliated with campus units are welcome to apply. Though all requests are welcome, we especially encourage proposals for events that engage diverse audiences from different spheres (for example, events that appeal to interdisciplinary audiences or both students and faculty), and for high-impact events that inspire productive discussions and promote humanities research on campus or in the community.   

To Apply:
Submit a letter of request (no more than 2 pages) to centerforthehumanities@oregonstate.edu at least 8 weeks before the event date, that

  • lists the event organizers
  • provides a description of the event or program (location, date, etc.)
  • indicates the prospective audience and attendance
  • describes the programmatic purpose 
  • includes an estimated budget, the amount requested, and if possible, the specific expense for which requested funds will be used

Applicants will receive a reply once the request has been received, and notification of status will be sent within one week.


Program organizers will provide the Center with a short (<1pg) post-event letter describing the attendance, audience, and impacts of the event, and send copies of any promotional materials or links to media coverage.   

Ongoing Programs

Citizenship and Crisis Initiative

This multi-year initiative co-sponsored with the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion explores challenging questions related to what it means to belong in a time of struggle: What is a citizen? How has citizenship changed over time? In what ways have “crises”—such as war or economic downturn—impacted understandings as well as practices of citizenship?


Made by History

Made by History is a venue to learn about the historical contexts of contemporary issues. Hosted by the Washington Post, edited by professional historians, and sponsored by the OSU Center for the Humanities and six additional institutional partners, it provides OSU scholars the opportunity to share their research and perspectives on topics and events of import. 

Fall 2018 Events 

The Magic Barrel: A Reading to Fight Hunger
Oct. 19 | Whiteside Theatre

MA Research Symposium, School of Writing, Literature, and Film 
Oct. 24 | Autzen House

We the People? Belonging & the US Constitution
Sept. 17 | Citizenship & Crisis Initiative

“Navigating Habitats” Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies Conference
Aug. 1-5