The Center offers a limited number of small grants that provide support to eligible faculty with book publication contracts. Grants will be distributed on an as-needed basis and are dependent on available funding. Support funds may be used for: 

  • competitive book subventions
  • indexing and permissions assistance
  • book manuscript workshops 

Applications for book subventions require a contract with specified subvention requirement. Monographs will have first priority, however, edited volumes of all types are eligible to receive support. Indexing and permissions assistance require a book contract and a proposed contract with an indexer or hired graduate student. Book manuscript workshops require application and support from unit or school. Requests for support will be evaluated by an advisory board selection committee each term. 

*NOTE: We are not accepting applications for publication support at this time. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for updates in Fall, 2021. 



Tenure-track or tenured faculty who have secured publication contracts for a monograph or edited collection. Assistant professors and former Center research fellows are especially encouraged to apply.

To Apply:
Collect the below materials into a pdf. Title the file “NAME-PUBLICATION GRANT” and email to [email protected]. Include:

  • a summary of the project—written in language understandable to nonspecialists—that describes the research questions, the approach and argument, and the book’s intervention within the field. Please indicate all sources and amounts of research funding received for the project. (1-2 pages)
  • an estimated budget for the category of expense
  • a signed copy of the contract with the publisher

Applicants will receive an email indicating acceptance of materials, and notification of status will be sent within 3 weeks. Grant recipients will work with Center staff and UABC to process expense transactions in line with University policy.


Outcomes for these grants should include successful book publications and workshops that significantly advance manuscripts from draft to publication status.