The Honors College and the Oregon State University Center for the Humanities are pleased to invite applications from faculty/undergraduate partners for a summer internship program. Up to two $5,000 fellowships will be awarded to support Honors College undergraduates working with College of Liberal Arts faculty members during summer, 2019. These awards are intended to provide undergraduates interested in the humanities with practical experiences that further faculty research and advance the intern’s professional skills and development. Work can also contribute to the intern’s Honors College thesis. The $5,000 fellowship will provide $4,500 in pay to student interns and $500 to faculty applicants.


Applications must be submitted jointly by one faculty supervisor and one Honors College undergraduate. All College of Liberal Arts faculty of any rank or classification are eligible to apply. Undergraduate applicants must be making satisfactory progress toward Honors College degree completion with plans to enroll in fall term, 2021.


Details on 2021 summer internship timelines will be announced in SPRING 2021. Interns will be compensated via payroll, with the faculty mentor acting as supervisor, compensating 300 hours of work at $15/hour. $500 will be paid to faculty as award pay, less taxes and OPE, or can be used for project expenses or as professional development funds. If applicants request an adjusted start/end date, this must be stipulated in the application. Funds cannot be rolled over and will not be available after the conclusion of the award period.


The deadline to submit applications for 2021 summer internships will be announced in SPRING 2021. Applications must be prepared jointly by faculty and undergraduate partners and include the following components:

  • Description of the project or work to be completed with a schedule of project steps and goals (2-3 pages)
  • Letter from faculty applicant describing how proposed project will contribute to faculty member’s research, noting past experience as an undergraduate mentor, and providing a plan for supervision (1-2 pages)
  • Letter from student applicant describing how proposed project will contribute to student’s research, professional development, and long-term goals (1 page)
  • Student resume or curriculum vitae
  • Faculty curriculum vitae

All materials must be combined in a single PDF and emailed to Honors College Director of External Relations and Operations Kevin Stoller ([email protected]).


An average of one hour each week of the internship will be committed to professional development and mentorship activities provided by the Center for the Humanities and the Honors College. When available, interns will have access to work facilities in the Center for the Humanities, OSU Valley Library, or the Honors College, which may include a computer, printing, copying, and other office supplies.

Interns will be asked to present their work to a public audience in Fall 2021.

We will announce the application deadline in Spring 2021. Please direct questions on other topics to Kevin Stoller.