Paintings by Samm Newton
Drop-in Reception during Corvallis Arts Walk, TH OCT 18, 4pm-6pm
The Autzen House Gallery is free and open to the public weekdays from 10 to 4 or by appointment.


Samm Newton studies the associations between science and values, specifically in marine systems, and how those associations influence how we think, feel, and make decisions about the ocean. She is originally from Freeport, south of Houston on the Texas coast, and the anthropogenic pressures that unfolded in that community, and the Gulf Coast waters surrounding it, motivate her focus.

Samm has lived in Corvallis since 2011, working as a nonprofit professional, graphic designer, and creative consultant. She is currently a Masters Candidate in the Environmental Arts and Humanities graduate program at OSU, minoring in Risk and Uncertainty Quantification and Communication in Marine Systems. in 2017, Newton was a fellow in the National Science Foundation's National Research Traineeship. She has always desired to more deeply understand our place on this planet and the processes that connect us with it in hopes of inspiring others to see the world with reinvigorated intensity.


Artist Statement:
This is a practice in the imperfection of knowing, feeling, understanding and remembering. It examines the role of humans, nonhumans, science, technology, and society in the context of marine systems and their unexpected confluence. It is a call to deepen curiosity and is a method of research for challenging problems in a complex world. The paintings are reminiscent of a bold, vivid romance. The images at the end of the process aren’t the correct shape, size, or color. Sometimes they are rushed, messy even. But that is what love feels like. The connection with what we call nature. It isn’t all good, but it isn’t all bad either. It isn’t always refined or clever. These images don’t represent how the world is seen in real time—they represent how it is remembered. Scientifically informed but socially misconstrued. Imprecise and not to scale.